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MSX BASIC programming contest

by snout on 26-06-2003, 23:22
Topic: MSX Revival

The MSX Association has started a programming contest for MSX-BASIC. The winning programs will be listed in the upcoming MSX-Magazine 2, which will be released this autumn.

There are little rules to the contest: The code must be BASIC. The program must work in MSXPLAYer.

Best MSX2 game ever [round 4]

by snout on 26-06-2003, 00:12
Topic: MRC
Tags: Polls

After an exciting and very hard third round of voting, 32 MSX2 games moved on in the run to become the best MSX2 game ever. If you want to have a say in which game that is going to be, join the mega-poll in our forums!

fMSX 2.7

by snout on 25-06-2003, 09:28
Topic: Emulation

Today a new version of fMSX emulator, the mother of all MSX emulators, has been released.

YS VI - The Ark of Napishtim

by snout on 24-06-2003, 16:39
Topic: MSX Related

Almost 10 years after the release of YS V Falcom has announced they will release another episode of the YS Saga, of which the first 3 games were released on MSX as well.

YS VI - The Ark of Napishtim is the first YS game running on a 3D-engine, but from the look of the gameshots Falcom have succeeded in keeping the gameplay intact. YS VI is being developed for Personal Computers running Windows. - link added

by snout on 23-06-2003, 18:58
Topic: Websites

Recently a new MSX website arose on the internet. is a website aiming to increase the activity of beginning MSX developers. It contains information on several emulators and some easy programming examples for MSX-BASIC. Also some MSX-DOS commands are explained.

Best MSX2 game ever [round 3]

by snout on 23-06-2003, 00:02
Topic: MRC
Tags: Polls

We are already heading for an exciting finale of the best MSX2 game ever mega-poll as we enter the third round, in which 54 games are struggling to move on to the next round.

If you want to have a say in which is the best MSX2 game ever, join us as a member (if you have not already done so), log in and vote!

Arcade Perfect has interviewed the creators of the famous game Q*Bert. The interview is built up in several parts about the game, the gaming industry at that time, emulation and themselves.

Quote: "Developed at Gottileb's Northlake plant and released in 1982, Q*Bert is a lesson unto both the players and creators of video games.

Delta Soft site update

by BiFi on 21-06-2003, 17:30
Topic: Websites

Just before the holidays Delta Soft announced an update of their home page. The third scenario disk of Sorcerian is fully translated and can be downloaded for everyone who bought the translation. Other things updated to their page:

  • Their calendar has been updated
  • The solve of Level 3 of Find It has been added
  • Order list has been updated

EGG - 10.000 members

by snout on 20-06-2003, 15:28
Topic: MSX Revival

One of the first signs of the MSX Revival was Project EGG that started selling Retro Software for PC at very low prices in April 2002. The MSX games run on PC using MSXPLAYer.

MSX Downloads top 10

by snout on 20-06-2003, 14:51
Topic: MRC

A month ago we introduced our new freeware MSX downloads database. Several interesting files were added so we thought it would be nice to check which ones are the most popular every now and then. Here is the current Top 10:

  • 01.

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