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MarMSX - link added

by snout on 08-05-2003, 15:04
Topic: Websites

A new MSX site was added to the MSX Resource Center links database today: MarMSX.

We already reported about this site yesterday, because of the new MSX Viewer that was released.

Skooter walkthrough

by mars2000you on 07-05-2003, 23:14
Topic: Software

If you like the game Skooter, a sort of mini-Eggerland with humoristic and philosophical sentences, you could be interested by MSX Valley, the second site of Benoît "Le Martien", who has just added the complete walkthrough (with tips) of this funny game.

MSX Viewer 2.2

by snout on 07-05-2003, 18:57
Topic: Development

Marcelo Silveira released a new version of the PC-tool MSX Viewer. This tool allows you to load and save MSX images for SCREEN 2, 5, 7, 8 and 12.

openMSX 0.3.0

by snout on 05-05-2003, 23:01
Topic: Emulation

A new tarball distribution of openMSX was released on sourceforge today. This version contains a massive list of fixes, changes and improvements which make this near-perfect MSX emulator even better than it already was.

Based on the results of round 3 in the best MSX1 game ever mega-poll, 12 games would not have moved to the final round.

NO$MSX 1.5

by snout on 05-05-2003, 00:57
Topic: Emulation

After a long period of silence Martin Koth, the developer of several popular NO$-emulators decided to release a new version of his NO$MSX emulator. The NO$-emulators are known for their remarkable debugging-capabilities.

Best MSX1 game ever mega-poll [round 4]

by snout on 05-05-2003, 00:52
Topic: MRC
Tags: Polls

Time flies when you are having fun. After an extra day of voting in round 3, the votes are counted and only 32 games are left. 16 of them are to move on to the fifth round in four days from now. You can decide which ones are in, and which are out.

UNL - Esperanto for computers

by snout on 02-05-2003, 21:23
Topic: MSX Revival

Today the MRC went on a search for more information on the MSX Revival and Nishi's plans of the future. As we all know, Nishi held a lecture on 2001's Tilburg fair and a lecture on the MIT where he explained he wanted to develop a one-chip computer based on the MSX philosophy.

"Why MSX?" - Poll results

by snout on 02-05-2003, 17:39
Topic: MRC
Tags: Polls

In our most recent poll we asked "Why MSX?". 164 people found the time to think about this abstract question and gave their votes. Here's the results:

  • 1. Because of the creativity it encourages (29.88 %)
  • 2. Because of software (games) available (28.66 %)
  • 3. Because of the cool-factor (17.68 %)
  • 4. Because of compatibility (8.54 %)
  • 5.

Internestor in action

by snout on 02-05-2003, 17:19
Topic: Websites

On todomania, a spanish website on several cool subjects - like the MSX - some screenshots were posted of Konamiman's Internestor Suite in action. Some nice step-by-step screenshots might be of help to everyone who wants to connect an MSX running MSX-DOS 2 to the internet.

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