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500,000 visitors, 1,000 newsposts

by snout on 31-05-2003, 13:04
Topic: MRC

At this very moment you are reading a very special news post. We are proud, pleasantly surprised and honored to announce that a grand total of 500,000 visitors have visited our website since we installed our Nedstat counter on August 8th, 1996.

This summer, Digicube will release a new edition of Falcom's YS I & II Eternal story, the modern remakes of two games that are known on MSX as Ancient YS vanished Omen and Ancient YS vanished - the final chapter. (YS1 and YS2).

SDCC 0.2

by snout on 30-05-2003, 23:03
Topic: Development

A new version of the SDCC compiler for MSX was released today. SDCC is an opensource C-compiler for Small Devices. The version Boukichi created compiles C-sources into code that works in an MSX ROM cartridge (.ROM files). It is not yet clear which the changes are since the previous version

Super-X manual in English

by snout on 30-05-2003, 22:54
Topic: Translations

I totally overlooked this forum thread this afternoon, in which Nyyrikki announced the manual of Super-X was translated to English by JP Grobler.

LPE-V3858-V3 external videocard

by snout on 30-05-2003, 22:49
Topic: Hardware

Leonardo Padial released a new video-expansion for MSX, the LPE-V3858-V3 external video card for MSX. This card is mainly intended to be used with Padial's EMSX system, but with this cartridge it is also possible to change an MSX2 computer to an MSX2+ without (most of) the destructive modifications that are usually needed.

KSSPlay 1.0

by snout on 30-05-2003, 15:51
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Today, Nyyrikki announced in this thread on our forums that he has released yet another tool that allows you to do something with your MSX that appeared to be impossible in the past.

Higemaru OST

by snout on 28-05-2003, 19:00
Topic: Music

On GM station several game soundtracks can be downloaded for low prices. Today, 6 MP3 files containing music from the MSX game Higemaru were added. All can be downloaded for 200 yen. Unfortunately, this service is only available for Japanese visitors.

MSXDev'03 - More screenshots

by snout on 27-05-2003, 17:37
Topic: Websites

On Robsy's website you can find the latest information on the MSXDev'03 competition. This game-development competitions celebrates the 20th anniversary of MSX by letting contestans develop a game that works on the MSX system as it was released 20 years ago.

Eggerland 1 walkthrough

by mars2000you on 26-05-2003, 00:56
Topic: Websites

A third game walkthrough is available on MSX Valley, a French site that allows you to know (and see) all you want about some MSX puzzles.
After walkthroughs for The Goonies and Skooter, it's now the turn for Eggerland Mystery, the great HAL game: a complete overview with passwords, tips and cheats. This will be completed in the future by all created puzzles for this fabulous game!

MSX Viewer 3.0

by snout on 25-05-2003, 20:51
Topic: Development

A new version of MSX Viewer was released today. This Windows tool can be used to load and save images in screen 2, 5, 7, 8 and 12 formats. Changes in this new release:

  • Convert images from Screen 5 to 7 (and back)
  • Load screens saved in BASIC using the COPY command
  • MSX <-> PC text converter

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