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Tilburg 2003 - Reminder

by snout on 26-04-2003, 00:26
Topic: Events

Tilburg 2003 reminder

Today at 10:00 CET the annual International MSX Fair of Tilburg will start. Active MSX users of Netherlands and abroad will meet in 'Wijkcentrum De Schans' in Tilburg. As usual, CGV Tilburg is the host of this special computer users meeting, where most attention goes to MSX computers.

Best MSX1 game ever - round 2

by snout on 26-04-2003, 00:16
Topic: MRC
Tags: Polls

After the nominations and the first round of voting, 118 out of 234 MSX1 games moved on to the second round of a poll in which you, the MSX Resource Center members can decide which is the very best MSX1 game of all times.

C-BIOS website moved

by snout on 25-04-2003, 22:25
Topic: Emulation

After Boukichi quit developing C-BIOS, he transferred the rights to work on this interesting Free MSX BIOS project to Reikan, the developer of the Unofficial Win32 port of openMSX.

Hans Otten, the man behind the MSX Info pages has translated several documents originally written by Hans Oranje (HCC MSX-GG's hardware specialist) to English.

Wolf's Sample CD website

by snout on 24-04-2003, 16:10
Topic: Websites

We reported earlier about the sampleCD Maarten van Strien (wolf) is going to release in this years Tilburg fair. Frederik Boelens (chaos) and Wolf made a small website where you can find some more information on this CD and two cool-sounding promo's.

Sony introduces MSX-1G

by snout on 24-04-2003, 15:15
Topic: MSX Related

Once again a company with a history of producing MSX computers decided to use these three letters for something completely different. The new lineup of MemorySticks are called MSX and come in 256MB, 512MB and 1GB sizes. The 1GB version is called MSX-1G.

After a lot of rumours in the underground MSX scene, the MSX Assembly Page has finally been officially released. It can be found on the following URL:

The MAP is a site which aims to become a comprehensive source of English, well-formatted, programming-related information for MSX programmers.

MSX info pages update

by BiFi on 23-04-2003, 11:40
Topic: Websites

Hans Otten has added some more valuable MSX-related information to his website once again. Right now the follow things were added:

  • The software section has been reorganized.

Best MSX1 game ever contest - start voting!

by snout on 22-04-2003, 00:25
Topic: MRC
Tags: Polls

The first of six rounds of voting for the best MSX1 game ever has begun. Right here, you can select your favorite MSX1 games out of a list of 117 game pairs (234 games in total). This first round of voting will end in four days.

OPF 0.4

by snout on 21-04-2003, 16:37
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

A new version of OPF, the MegaFLASH ROM loader, was released today.

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