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Sunrise goes paypal

by snout on 30-04-2003, 21:18
Topic: Websites

Some fresh news from Sunrise HQ. As of today it is possible to pay goods ordered at Sunrise by using Paypal. Paypal is an internet service that rapidly has become one of the easiest ways to transfer money across the internet.

Sonyc goes freeware

by Guillian on 30-04-2003, 17:17
Topic: Software

Today the MSX game 'Sonyc' was declared freeware by its makers. Sonyc is a fast platform game based on the legendary Sonic the Hedgehog games known from Sega consoles. If you have an MSX2+ or higher (MSX2 with an V9958 will do as well), 128KB RAM and MSX-Music you really should try this game.

Best MSX1 game ever: Round 3

by snout on 30-04-2003, 00:06
Topic: MRC
Tags: Polls

When we started the mega-poll for the best MSX1 game ever we would never have guessed this poll would become this succesfull.

C-BIOS documentation in English

by snout on 28-04-2003, 22:45
Topic: Emulation

We reported earlier about the move from the C-BIOS project from Boukichi to Reikan and its new website. The first thing Reikan did was translate the document included with C-BIOS to English. People who want to know more about this interesting project, can now find all the information they want on Reikan's website.

Delta Soft celebrates 15-year aniversary

by BiFi on 27-04-2003, 16:55
Topic: Websites

As they prenounced earlier this year, Deltasoft has been making MSX software for 15 years now. In Tilburg they started to celebrate this with a present to the MSX community: a disk containing the Find It Replayer.

MRC Tilburg Photoshoot online

by Latok on 27-04-2003, 13:37
Topic: Photo shoots

Earlier today, we already mentioned the first Tilburg photoshoot online this year.

This year Sander visited the computer collectors fair in harderwijk. Mostly excotic rare ancient machines were displayed. But here and there some MSX machines were traded/sold and displayed also. Take a look at the photoshoot here.

Tilburg live-report online

by FiXato on 27-04-2003, 09:57
Topic: Events

X-Cite, FiXato and Mr Dude made a small (live)report of the MSX fair in Tilburg with a special contribution of d-fader (ex-TeddyWareZ). Read all about it on the MSX Affiliates Forum in this thread

Relevant link:The MSX Affiliates Forum

Tilburg photoshoot

by Xcite on 27-04-2003, 09:54
Topic: Photo shoots

Dominic Hoogendijk was the first to put a Tilburg Photo shoot online this year. If you want to have a taste of the atmosphere on this years MSX fair in Tilburg, have a look at this website

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