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Quarth review at MSX GamesBox

by msxgamesbox on 31-01-2003, 22:34
Topic: Websites

The MSX GamesBox just posted their fourth game review. The review game is Konami's Quarth, the review can be read in full at

Primitive Sound MSX CD AUDIO release

by Latok on 31-01-2003, 12:40
Topic: Music

Primitive Sound, a Japanese vgm label, has surprised us with MSX Audio cd's before. On the 29th of december 2002, they've released their next MSX audio cd containing PSG, FM and arranged music of the game 'The World Is Drawing To An End'.

MCWF meeting

by Latok on 31-01-2003, 09:56
Topic: Events

Source: Bas Kornalijnslijper

This saturday, the Dutch MSX Club West-Friesland will have one of their well-known user meetings once again. As usual, the meeting is held in 'Buurthuis De Cogge' at 'De Akkerwinde' in Zwaag (near Hoorn, 30 kilometres above Amsterdam). There will be a game-competition, a new newsletter and more. It's an excellent opportunity to meet some fellow active MSX users.

MSX PAPer - Free turboR!

by snout on 30-01-2003, 11:28
Topic: MSX Revival

On the Unofficial MSXPLAYer website you can now download a paper MSX turboR GT for free. This turboR is part of the MSX PAPer project.

If you want to try the beta, go right here and follow the instructions in the PDF at the bottom of the site.

Compile copyrights sold to Aiky

by snout on 29-01-2003, 18:32
Topic: MSX Related

A small Japanese software development company, Aiky bought the copyrights of all (remaining) software titles released by Compile, including patents and trademarks. As we reported earlier, the legendary Compile softwarehouse is no more.

MadriSX 2003 announcement

by snout on 29-01-2003, 16:57
Topic: Events

For the tenth time in a row, MSX Power Replay hosts the annual MSX fair MadriSX. On march 8th, 2003 the fair will be held in the Cultural cemtre El Greco. which can be reached easily by public transport.

On the fair you will be able to see the latest developments created by and for the MSX Scene.

If you happen to be in Tokyo on the 8th of february 2003, you are very very lucky. Following the huge success of the MSX Magazine there will be a celebration festival which is being held at the ASCII head office on the 5th floor of the Shinanomachi station building.

The festival starts at 14:00h and it will last until 17:00h.

Retro Game Music

by Bart on 28-01-2003, 00:11
Topic: Music

Retro PC Game Music is a Japanese streaming radio station which plays X68000, PC-8801, PC-9801 music. You might wonder what the interest is for you, the MSX fan, but a lot of MSX companies like Wolf Team, Microcabin, Falcom, Konami, etc. made games for these computers also. And mostly the same titles!

Realfun trial version

by sjoerd on 27-01-2003, 20:01
Topic: Software

The developer of Realfun, a musictracker for MSX2 with 256KB RAM (or more) and Moonsound released a limited trial version of Realfun to get some feedback from users. These things will change in future releases:

  • All voices (the used voices are still copyrighted, I guess)
  • Settingscan (not present in the trial version)
  • Voice selection/editing
  • Probably 'only' 16 chann

fMSX CE v0.11 released

by Latok on 27-01-2003, 10:03
Topic: Emulation
Tags: fMSX, Windows CE

Today, a new version of the fMSX CE emulator has been released. The fMSX CE emulator is an fMSX port for devices running the Windows CE OS. In this version, there are only a few minor updates. Still, it's a new version, so what are you waiting for. Get it! Relevant link

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