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Forum changes

by snout on 28-12-2002, 00:49
Topic: MRC

Because of the new forum system and the increase of forum activity, we made the following changes in the past few days

  • Latok is moderating the main forums
  • An MSX Resource Center forum was added. Here you can find topics on our website. You can report bugs, suggest features, request changes, suggest polls, etc. etc.

Maze of Galious Remake

by JEames on 25-12-2002, 23:57
Topic: MSX Related
Tags: Remakes

The remake of Maze of Galious can be considered allmost finished, version 0.6 has been a major update: graphics and sound sets are managed differently and more than 20 odd bugs have been fixed.

HansO MSX info pages update

by Bart on 25-12-2002, 15:31
Topic: Websites

HansO updated his MSX info pages again this month. Quiet a lot of activity these cold days! Good Big smileThe updates:

  • The C.U.C.

MSX Xmas demo 2002

by chaos on 25-12-2002, 14:36
Topic: Software

Chaos, BiFi and Wolf created the MSX Xmas demo 2002 for your enjoyment. The demo needs an MSX2 computer with 128KB RAM and 128KB VRAM. There's music for MSX-MUSIC and MSX-AUDIO, but you get the best sound when you plug in your Moonsound cartridge.

MSX Association website online

by snout on 25-12-2002, 14:11
Topic: MSX Revival

Today, the MSX Association website was officially opened. On the website, there are some small corrections to the texts in MSX Magazine 2003. Also, a bug concerning the PocketPC version of MSXPLAYer was reported. A fix can probably be downloaded from the website soon.

Snow fighters

by snout on 24-12-2002, 11:08
Topic: Software

Slotman of MSX Files prepared a nice christmas gift for the MSX Community. On his site, you can download the game Snow Fighters. Although there's no music and a few bugs, it's really funny to play. The objective of the game is to throw snowballs at your opponent.

tniASM v0.3

by Unregistered user on 24-12-2002, 08:26
Topic: Development

Today, TNI released tniASM v0.3, a Z80/R800/GZ80 cross-assembler. Aside from some bugfixes, it features 2.5 times faster assembly than the previous version.This release is the last of its codebase, as tniASM is currently being completely rewritten.

The unofficial MSXPLAYer website posted an article on the new MSX Magazine. There are some pictures of the magazine and information on the contents. Unfortunately, MSXPLAYer gave the testing system a hard time with 100% CPU usage continuously.

MSX Magazine review on aamsx

by snout on 23-12-2002, 15:35
Topic: MSX Revival

After a long period of silence, aamsx is back with the first english review of MSX Magazine 2003 on the web. There are a few pictures of the magazine and a summary of its contents.

MSX Magazine 2003 hits the streets

by snout on 23-12-2002, 12:24
Topic: MSX Revival

Yesterday, two days earlier than expected, the first people who ordered MSX Magazine at Amazon received their magazines, sealed in an 'MSX inside' cover. It is not clear whether or not other (web)shops delivered the magazine as well.The first reactions are mainly positive.

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