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Worldlingo Translation site

by Sander on 02-09-2002, 23:57
Topic: Websites

Source: worldlingo

Many of us who try to understand at least a little of the text on some Japanese webpages are using a translation site like We forget slang, and we are getting used to reading text wich sound likes some baby's first words. Anyways, I stumbled to a new one today (at least new to me) wich I -of course- share again with you.

Source: EGG

Egg, the online retro software retailer under software city, made agreements with Telenet to sell their old software also. In already the 9th line up, the following titles have been re-released (among others):

  • American Truck (remember this game?

C-BIOS 0.06

by snout on 01-09-2002, 13:28
Topic: Emulation

Source: Boukichi

Boukichi released a new version of C-BIOS which now emulates the SCREEN2 palette correctly.Boukichi still needs the help of the MSX Community. Not only for information on the MSX architecture, or for a new name for this MSX Compatible BIOS. Boukichi would also like you to test the sound-test mode and compare the sound to the real thing.

HansO site updates

by BiFi on 01-09-2002, 13:08
Topic: Websites

Yesterday, Hans Otten's MSX hardware/documentation site was updated. New additions:

  • The Hans Oranje 1 MB upgrade description is now complete.

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