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Apart from the list of (Dutch) News Letters, MCWF started to add the earlier released booklet magazines online. All magazines are scanned and are in Dutch too and check out the archive on the MCWF website to read and/or download them.

fMSX for GamePark32

by Latok on 29-05-2002, 21:59
Topic: Emulation

Source: Niels Walta on MSX Mailinglist

The GamePark32 is a popular Korean handheld computer. It has as powerful CPU, built in MP3 and USB support and an easy to use software development kit. The GP32 is therefore popular amongst programmers. A lot of programs have already been made, e.g.

fMSXSO 1.10b

by snout on 27-05-2002, 00:00
Topic: Emulation

Some minor fixes in the OPLL/MIDI volume control in yet another update of fMSXSO. Grab it at the official English fMSXSO site, right here.

Newsletter #3

by snout on 24-05-2002, 19:24
Topic: MRC

I just sent the third MSX Resource Center newsletter to all our members that joined the mailinglist. For the first time we decided to put some information in the Newsletter that has not been on our site (yet). If you want to receive future newsletters, sign up as a member, if you have not already done so and check that you want to receive our mailinglist.

EGG releases more MSX games in June

by snout on 24-05-2002, 11:52
Topic: MSX Revival

Source: Ikeda's MSX PRINT

EGG plans to release the following MSX titles in june.

Hydefos translation to Portuguese

by snout on 24-05-2002, 11:43
Topic: Translations

MSX Files reported about a new translation done by Hydefos. Like some other translations by Ricardo Bittencourt, the actual game was not translated, but the screenshots of the introdemo are. Have a look at it over here


by msxhans on 23-05-2002, 19:36
Topic: Development

Not new, but perhaps unknown: a website dedicated to the ASCIII MSX C compiler at The pages are written by Freddy Vulto. Here you will find not only information about this official MSX C compiler, also example programs and utilities like MAKE utilities.

La abadia del crimen in English

by anonymous on 23-05-2002, 00:56
Topic: Translations

I have finished the english version of "La abadia del crimen", probably one of the best games ever made, but unknown to non-spanish users. Check it out! You will find the game in the 'La abadia' section under 'Scriptorium'.

MSX meeting in Hoorn, The Netherlands

by Latok on 22-05-2002, 21:51
Topic: Events

This saturday, the 25th of may 2002, the MCWF will organize one of its famous MSX meetings.The meeting starts at 12:30 hours and will last until the early evening.Please visit the meeting if you're in the neigbourhood and bring your MSX-machines, it's a real old school MSX meeting!The location is 'Buurthuis De Cogge' at 'De Akkerwinde' in Zwaag (near Hoorn).You can check the MCWF website for more

Midi release

by anonymous on 22-05-2002, 11:01
Topic: Music

Hi everyone, I'm back again with two new songs.. These Are : Troika and The Maze of Galious

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