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Source: MSX.ORG Staff

Yes!! Thanks to you we have passed the 200.000 page views counter. Please note that these are real page views, and not some counter that adds one visitor every time someone hits the refresh button!We hope you are still viewing us, when we hit the 300.000 page view counter. Spam us with your MSX news!

CAIN sources

by snout on 30-03-2002, 10:43
Topic: Development

Most people will remember CAIN from their immense ammount of demo's on the Sunrise Picturedisks and the MSX game "Bozo's Big Adventure". Now you can view a huge collection of sources (a 124KB ZIP file) of this group on Hans Otten's MSX fun pages.

Frontend for NLMSX.

by anonymous on 28-03-2002, 19:31
Topic: Emulation

Source: Ciro Alfredo Consentino

There now is a wonderful front-end for NLMSX. This front-end is mainly for games fans. It will be easier to launch the games with all the good parameters for NLMSX.

NLMSX 0.39

by snout on 27-03-2002, 11:12
Topic: Emulation

Source: NLMSX site

Today, Frits Hilderink released a new version of the popular NLMSX emulator. New

  • in this version:
  • Smooth display support
  • Full FM-PAC support with SRAM. Data is stored in 'sramfmpac.dat'
  • Better KANJI support.

Tilburg 2002

by snout on 25-03-2002, 09:43
Topic: Events

The famous International MSX Fair in Tilburg will be held on the 20th of April this year. Like last year, the location of the fair will be 'Wijkcentrum De Schans'. The ideal opportunity to see what is going on in the MSX Scene will only cost you € 1,50. Of course the MSX Resource Center will be there and - like we always try to do - we are planning for something special.

Zodiac 0.8.0

by snout on 22-03-2002, 17:49
Topic: Emulation

Today, version 0.8.0 of the Zodiac MSX Emulator for Windows was released.

fMSXCE 0.04

by snout on 21-03-2002, 10:50
Topic: Emulation

Just before the release of MSXPLAYer, Latok found a free port of fMSX for Windows CE. On this site you can also find NES and Gameboy emulators for Windows CE.

Ancient FM Soundcard for PC

by snout on 21-03-2002, 00:57
Topic: MSX Related

Source: Kurusugawa Electronics

Kurusugawa Electronics are developing a soundcard with ancient Yamaha FM sound chips. The Romeo soundcard features the YMF288 (OPL3) sound chip and the YAC513 D/A convertor (as used on the MoonSound cartridge).

Full Screen Video on MSX

by snout on 21-03-2002, 00:19
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

The creator of BMP2MSX has made another interesting tool. With the AS2 Player you can play full screen video files on your MSX computer in SCREEN 2. The advantage of SCREEN 2 is that the screen can be updated very fast, resulting in a high framerate. Needless to say that the image quality isn't perfect but.. it works! There are two demonstration files available. One for low bandwith (e.g.

BMP2MSX v1.11008 English

by Bart on 20-03-2002, 23:57
Topic: Development

Source: HRA's room

HRA released and english version of BMP2MSX. BMP2MSX is a tool to convert PC Bitmap images (.bmp) to MSX format (binary).

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