SCC Cartridge

بواسطة Eugeny_Brychkov

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صورة Eugeny_Brychkov

25-04-2009, 14:27

Hi guys,
I am looking for cartridge with SCC or SCC+. It is for development purposes, thus should not be new or in original or gift-like package.
Thank you in advance - appreciate your help.
Eugeny underscore brychkov at hotmail dot com

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بواسطة hap

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صورة hap

25-04-2009, 15:01

Get a Mega Flash ROM SCC, can't get any newer than that.
Maybe Guillian will even gift wrap it for ya Wink

بواسطة rolins

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25-04-2009, 17:38

I have a boxed Snatcher game with the original SCC+ cartridge if you're interested.

بواسطة cax

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صورة cax

25-04-2009, 17:42

I've bought my first SCC cartridge for 40$, the second and the last one - for 20$.
Just check this forum and e-bay from time to time...

And if you are going to pay around 100$, then just buy SD/MMC drive - it has SCC inside, and can read flash cards too.

hap & rolins: it seems you are joking or got the message totally wrong - brychkov just needs an SCC cartridge.

بواسطة Eugeny_Brychkov

Paragon (1195)

صورة Eugeny_Brychkov

25-04-2009, 18:21

I am targeting price of e12 (excl. shipping). If I would have ebay account and all other stuff set up I have already had the cartridge for e12 (nemesis 3 recently sold in Spain).

Cax, thank you - yes, I need SCC cartridge, because I need a chip and genuine slot connector. By the way, where can I buy MMC drive? I saw pictures of some custom and industrial makes, but do not know how to choose and source them.

بواسطة OeiOeiVogeltje

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25-04-2009, 18:42

there is an SCC+ cartride on ebay right now

SD-snatcher cart

بواسطة cax

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صورة cax

25-04-2009, 20:14

MMC drive without SCC is in final development stages and is made by Erikie.
I've bought mine (with SCC and 2 SD slots) from sinfox (Korea).

بواسطة Eugeny_Brychkov

Paragon (1195)

صورة Eugeny_Brychkov

25-04-2009, 20:20

Please give me a link to image (outer appearance and internal PCB) and how to contact producer. I heard good feedback about this device by sinfox. That should really be a good solution. At least I hope so Smile

بواسطة glaucus

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26-04-2009, 20:49

you've got mailLOL!