Merry Christmas!!!

بواسطة gdx

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25-12-2022, 07:35

I open this little thread so that we can all wish each other a very merry Christmas!
You are shy this year so I begin, I wish you great holidays with your loved ones, good times, good meals. I also hope you found some good MSX items.

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بواسطة valkyre

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25-12-2022, 08:25

Merry Christmas everyone!

بواسطة mcolom

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25-12-2022, 11:06

Merry Xmas everybody! Enjoy much! Wink

بواسطة The Apeman

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25-12-2022, 13:35

Mery Christmas y'all!

بواسطة turbor

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25-12-2022, 13:49

Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas!

بواسطة sdsnatcher73

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25-12-2022, 13:49

Merry Christmas everyone!

بواسطة ToriHino

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25-12-2022, 14:09

A Merry Christmas to you all!

بواسطة aoineko

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25-12-2022, 14:11

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25-12-2022, 15:32

Merry Christmas!

بواسطة sd_snatcher

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25-12-2022, 16:42

I sent the news about this to the MRC almost 2 weeks ago, but who knows why it's still not published...

Anyway, there's still time: here's Christmas gift for everyone who loves 8bitters! 🎅🎄🎁

It's the MSX Pixel Art Collection Vol.5.

It contains ~1200 images of both native images and also gorgeous pieces other pixel art carefully arranged to be viewed on the MSX.

For those who don't have a Twitter account: you can download it here.

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03-01-2023, 09:05

Happy New Year - Prosperity and long life!
I wish you all good health (my thoughts are with the sick),
And lots of MSX software and hardware :

Model & Costume : Alice Holmes - Personnage : Hatsune Miku (Xmas ver.)
Photo & edit : me - Walter Zeick (c) 2023.