How to DM someone

بواسطة Swami

Expert (90)

صورة Swami

14-11-2022, 08:05

Sorry for n00b question. I can't figure out how to DM someone on here. Is it possible?

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بواسطة ro

Scribe (4867)

صورة ro

14-11-2022, 08:45

Not directly, we do not have a messaging system
Click on the username to go to the profile, u can email the person there

بواسطة Swami

Expert (90)

صورة Swami

15-11-2022, 05:43

okay thanks. Just checking as concerned some emails may be 10 years old and forgotten. But, never know.

بواسطة tfh

Prophet (3280)

صورة tfh

15-11-2022, 08:46

The old DM MRC had in the past, also just sent an email to the registered email address, so that would have had the same result.