Sofarun Carnivore2 fail to run Mr.Chin (HAL)

بواسطة jepmsx

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18-09-2022, 08:38


I have a rom of Mr. Chin that runs smoothly with openMSX, but I try to run it in a Panasonic FSA1ST without success. I'm running it using Carnivore2 and sofarun. I've tried different devices: Carnivore2 RAM and TurboR unsuccessfully.

Is there a way to run it without installing the ROM in Carnivore2?

Reading the different documentation in sofarun I've discovered that there are some Carnivore Application, is there one that installa a 1MB (2MB...) in Carnivore ROM and then sofarun can install the rom to be executed after the reset? Maybe this is the way to go

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بواسطة Louthrax

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18-09-2022, 11:08

Hi Jepmsx,

Try to set "No disk driver" to "Yes" in the game settings, it seems to fix the problem here.

By default, SofaRun enables the disk driver. That allows users to save and load game states with the Game Master directly on the SDCard (and also use disk functionalities for ROMs supporting it). That's not the default behavior compared to inserting a cartridge in a real MSX and booting it, but I preferred this option (defaulting to disk driver enabled) so that users don't have problems to use the Game Master.

بواسطة jepmsx

Master (242)

صورة jepmsx

18-09-2022, 11:23

Thanks Louthrax!

It has worked. I didn't know about this configuration.

Thanks for the tip!