simple Universal MegaROM Mapper for Konami/ASC8/ASC16 (Unimapper)

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بواسطة Pyhesty

Expert (97)

صورة Pyhesty

09-01-2022, 13:53

Hello everyone, I have developed a prototype scheme for a universal mapper,
based on gal22v10d:

simple version 2.0 is available on github

supported types:
Konami (without SCC) max 512kB ROM,
ASC8 (simple ASC8 page 4000h~5FFFh always = 0) max 256kB,
ASC16 max 512kB

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بواسطة Manuel

Ascended (19676)

صورة Manuel

09-01-2022, 14:05

Nice! Do you target new games? In that case, it might be useful to make the maximum ROM size larger and support up to 2MB at least.

بواسطة Danjovic

Champion (344)

صورة Danjovic

09-01-2022, 14:08

Thanks for sharing

بواسطة Pyhesty

Expert (97)

صورة Pyhesty

09-01-2022, 14:44

Manuel wrote:

Nice! Do you target new games? In that case, it might be useful to make the maximum ROM size larger and support up to 2MB at least.

No, my target was case ROM Flash 32 pins (am29 or sst39), so maximum 4Mbits.
and i wanted implement mapper in two dip-case.

بواسطة ATroubleshooter

Expert (114)

صورة ATroubleshooter

09-01-2022, 15:01

Congrats, buddy! Smile

بواسطة Pyhesty

Expert (97)

صورة Pyhesty

18-02-2022, 14:30

update unimapper v3.0
add version KonamiSCC 256/512kB, DSK2ROM 256/512kB
now you can run your lovely disk game on single cartridge
version 2.0: Konami, ASC8, ASC16
version 3.0: Konami SCC, DSK2ROM

soft v3.0:

بواسطة racmac

Supporter (7)

صورة racmac

21-02-2022, 08:06

{mod: message removed as it is using wrong language in english part of forum. please use google translate if you don't speak english}

بواسطة gdx

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صورة gdx

21-02-2022, 10:11

I think it's better to use one EPM instead of 3 GALs which are generally quite fragile.
Is the first page fixed?

بواسطة Pyhesty

Expert (97)

صورة Pyhesty

21-02-2022, 14:35

I think two gal is cheaper and easier to assemble than one epm.

"Is the first page fixed?"
page 0 after reset set number segment with spec mapper

ps: this project is a hobby that shows that in the days of GAL (90-x)
it was possible to assemble any mapper in a simple way.

بواسطة inchl

Expert (100)

صورة inchl

16-05-2022, 11:27

(unsure if this is the correct topic for my question)

What is the maximum size for a konami scc rom? I noticed that bits 6-7 are unused in the switching address, but does that mean these bits are never used by konami because their roms never got bigger than 512kb -OR- are these bits not supported by the hardware? Does a MFR or GR8NET supports these bits allowing a 2048kb konami scc type rom?

Bit 0~5 = Segment number. Set all of these bits at 9000h to enable the addresses to access to the SCC registers.
Bit 6~7 = Unused

بواسطة sdsnatcher73

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صورة sdsnatcher73

16-05-2022, 13:14

Well we have a popolon SCC+ cartridge with 2048kB so I would say the limitation exists in the actual hardware released by Konami but it can be extended easily. MFR supports larger than 512kB ROMs, whether it supports them in Konami5 mapper I don’t know (but my guess is it does).

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