MSXmas '21 Simple game for christmas / MSX 2 / SC5 / Unfinished work

بواسطة albs_br

Champion (375)

صورة albs_br

24-12-2021, 19:01

Hi guys,
I made a simple game as my learning exercise for MSX 2 programming. Unfortunally I couldn't finish it before the deadline. Sad

But what I already made is playable, and I think is cool enought to share:

I made it in Assembly, and the sprites in Tinysprite.

Source, as always, public:

Hope you like.

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بواسطة albs_br

Champion (375)

صورة albs_br

24-12-2021, 19:05

Direct link to play the latest version on WebMSX:

بواسطة thegeps

Paladin (1020)

صورة thegeps

24-12-2021, 19:36


بواسطة ARTRAG

Enlighted (6828)


25-12-2021, 08:33

Very cute graphics! Nice

بواسطة jltursan

Prophet (2619)

صورة jltursan

25-12-2021, 12:53

Really nice Xmas present indeed!, thanks! Smile

بواسطة GhostwriterP

Hero (656)

صورة GhostwriterP

25-12-2021, 13:17

Nice and clever color cycling effect.