Greetings from Western Australia!

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20-12-2021, 07:15

Hi all, new member here from down under. :3 I signed up earlier this year but never got around to posting until now.

We never really got the MSX down here, so I only really found out about it by going through Konami's history. I found out about the first two Metal Gears, then the Gradius series after that. From there I fell in love with the sound of the SCC cartridge, and after watching a friend mess around with hers, I finally took the plunge and bought my first MSX - a Sanyo PHC-35J! Big smile

I'm looking forward to exploring the library a bit more, as well as learning how to make some noise in TriloTracker. There are a few cartridges I wouldn't mind picking up too, so I'll be sure to keep an eye on sale threads. Pleasure to meet y'all!

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بواسطة ARTRAG

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20-12-2021, 09:33

Welcome on board!

بواسطة Bodhi1969

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20-12-2021, 11:02

Be welcome!

بواسطة Grauw

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20-12-2021, 11:08

Welcome! That's a nice MSX you got Smile.

I totally get the love for the SCC, it's a fantastic sound chip with a unique sound.

Have you listened to GhostWriterP’s Realfun 3 playlist? Some nice SCC music there.

بواسطة edoz

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20-12-2021, 11:09

Oh .. wow .. a Sanyo wavy Big smile You are a lucky man!

بواسطة Jorito

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20-12-2021, 13:29

Hi Hal, welcome here too! Have fun with TriloTracker, I just got started with it myself Smile

بواسطة heavyviper

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صورة heavyviper

20-12-2021, 15:38

Thanks everyone!

@Grauw: nice, I'll check it! I've been listening to the stuff for years. I should have said I was checking out stuff like MG2 and Nemesis 2 in my teens - I'm in my 30s now Crying A friend actually hooked me up with a set of VGM files for MSX, so I've been using the Wavy as a jukebox for a while. It's nice to be able to appreciate it "in person," finally.

EDIT: whoa, Realfun 3 looks (and sounds) amazing! I'll have to catch up on the development!

بواسطة Feiraco

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21-04-2022, 14:33

Great to hear from MSX from Down Under! :-)

The MSX games and sounds indeed have something magical taking into account the possibilities of the period. Try some of the Nihon Falcom games!