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بواسطة mig01

Supporter (7)

صورة mig01

18-10-2021, 22:07

Hi everyone. You don't have anyone messages from Tecnobytes Classic Computers? I ordered goods from them in August, which I paid for, but so far I don't have any and they don't even respond to email... Yes, they had health problems, but it's been more than two months. Is there a member of the Tecnobytes group? Thank you.

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بواسطة SjaaQ

Master (240)

صورة SjaaQ

19-10-2021, 09:30

Yeah I had multiple emails from them in the past few months. I ordered a PowerGraph, which was send with a delay, and returned from the customs back to them, and resend again.

So lots of problems, I think beyond their control.

بواسطة sdsnatcher73

Prophet (2311)

صورة sdsnatcher73

19-10-2021, 11:02

I have not had mine resent... At least not that I heard of.

بواسطة sdsnatcher73

Prophet (2311)

صورة sdsnatcher73

19-10-2021, 12:31

Maybe they tried small amount to see if they get through Wink let’s hope so!

بواسطة subjik

Rookie (31)

صورة subjik

19-10-2021, 14:36

I had the same issue with customs and the package seems to be resent now. Let's hope it reaches Finland this time Smile

بواسطة CrusaNET

Supporter (2)

صورة CrusaNET

19-10-2021, 16:15

I ordered my PowerGraph in May and I just got it 2 weeks ago. I had contact them twice with no answer but finally they got in touch with me and everything ran smoothly.

بواسطة syn

Prophet (2067)

صورة syn

19-10-2021, 17:47

they are probably getting swamped with mails

Personally i think they are very trustworthy/reliable

بواسطة rogerio.belarmino

Expert (72)

صورة rogerio.belarmino

19-10-2021, 21:47

Greetings everyone

Thank you all for your support and prompt recovery messages. I'm already cured of covid and with no sequels.
I apologize for the delay, but we had problems with customs, and we are now reshipping in small quantities. Please send us a new email.

بواسطة hamlet

Scribe (3706)

صورة hamlet

19-10-2021, 21:51

Good to hear you are ok, Rogerio!

بواسطة DamnedAngel

Master (233)

صورة DamnedAngel

19-10-2021, 22:32

Hi everyone,

Just to attest that Tecnobytes is very reliable. I have the benefit of receiving domestic parcels from them, since I live in Brazil, but they are very responsible with their business.


بواسطة skeni

Supporter (3)

صورة skeni

24-10-2021, 19:01

is this site accepting guest posts?

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