My latest MSX game: Westen House

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بواسطة santiontanon

Paragon (1526)

صورة santiontanon

22-09-2021, 02:38

Hi everyone, I just finished my latest MSX game (which I could not finish on time for the MSXDev, apologies to the organizers!).

- 48KB ROM, and should work on any MSX with 16KB RAM.
- ROM / source code in GitHub:
- Small video in Youtube:

It's basically an isometric game (in the style of classics like Head over Heels or La Abadia del Crimen), with elements of adventure and some puzzle/riddle solving. I hope you like it, I definitively had lots of fun making it! :)

(and before you ask, @tfh, you absolutely have permission to upload to your site, hahaha)

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بواسطة thegeps

Paladin (895)

صورة thegeps

22-09-2021, 02:52

Great as always, my friend! Eager to look into your code! I'm sure there is a lot to learn from it Wink

بواسطة albs_br

Champion (343)

صورة albs_br

22-09-2021, 03:43

Really impressive. I always had curiosity to know how the mechanics of a orthogonal game works.
Will be a blog post about the technical aspects of the game?

Next year MSX dev will be historical with no restrictions. Have you wondered what can be made on MSX 2 or above? I have a ton of ideas.

بواسطة santiontanon

Paragon (1526)

صورة santiontanon

22-09-2021, 03:54

Thanks both!! Big smile

About the blogpost, yes! I have already started writing the blog post, it might take me a few days. But I'll make sure to post the link here when done Smile

I haven't looked much at MSX2 or above yet. Maybe one day, but for now I am still having lots of fun with the good old first generation haha Smile

بواسطة Uninteresting

Master (245)

صورة Uninteresting

22-09-2021, 06:18

Looks amazing; the amount of colour shown surprises me. I hope I can find time to try it soon.

(I might've tried to wait until MSXdev'22 launches and register the game in that competition, but maybe I'm just evil.)

بواسطة Juan Luis

Master (138)

صورة Juan Luis

22-09-2021, 07:03

Cool game Santi. Colorful and without color clash. It looks a MSX2 game.


بواسطة valkyre

Hero (570)

صورة valkyre

22-09-2021, 07:27

Fantastic looking game.

بواسطة geijoenr

Champion (275)

صورة geijoenr

22-09-2021, 07:46

Another masterpiece Santi!

Looking forward to know more about the technical details. It looks like you are doing sprite occlusion on the main character, right?

بواسطة AxelStone

Prophet (3057)

صورة AxelStone

22-09-2021, 08:09

Really cool!!

بواسطة hamlet

Scribe (3736)

صورة hamlet

22-09-2021, 08:11

Santi, please submit this game for DEV and set the bar high!

بواسطة Manuel

Ascended (18252)

صورة Manuel

22-09-2021, 09:11

Wow, so that's how they could have made these isometric games as well in the 80's! With COLOR!

I also noticed an amazing text routine, considering the screen mode! Looking forward to read your blog post about it.

And now I'll try out the game a bit Smile

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