My third song is finished!

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بواسطة hamlet

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22-09-2021, 06:39

بواسطة defdanny

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22-09-2021, 17:10


بواسطة defdanny

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24-09-2021, 15:38

Totta wrote:

Added my songs to the MP3 download directory now. Thanks for the idea

Now you can use the search option of the MSX Music Player and look for "PSG" and voilá:
Our PSG tunes. Smile

بواسطة tfh

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24-09-2021, 15:44

thegeps wrote:

Or both of you can ask tfh if he is interested in creating a space for musicians' sharing on his site. I'm sure there are many musicians (not only you two) interested in sharing songs and thoughts. And maybe you can start a dedicayed thread here where you can discuss and/or explain your techniques

I'd be very happy to supply some webspace for something like that.
BTW -> Listening to the Hybris PSG version... Wow!!! It brings back memories. I've played Hybris quite a lot on my Amiga Smile

بواسطة defdanny

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24-09-2021, 21:11

@tfh Makes me happy to read that. I played Hybris on my friends AMIGA ("Amigos Amiga" Hannibal ) for hours.
Thank you for offering webspace for a MSX musicians.
We should discuss and decide the purpose of it. What should be hosted there (Tracker files, MP3, instrument libraries)? What should be hosted on MRC (Tutorials, Discussion Thread, Examples)?

I started creating a "How to create music with Arkos Tracker 2"... hope to finish it soon.

بواسطة Totta

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25-09-2021, 11:05

Om currently working on a program (for windows) which I call ArkosOptimize which is intended to be used before a song is exported for a game/demo. One of its features is that it tries to optimize a song by finding identical patterns and remove duplicates.

It can also be used to clean up a song before distributing the AKS-file by removing unused instruments, renumbering them, removing unused patterns etc

So it would be nice if this “PSG space” also could have room for utilities

بواسطة AnsiStar

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26-09-2021, 20:54

Hi! One question. Is there a program which allowed me to compose with an
original MSX Computer?

بواسطة defdanny

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27-09-2021, 11:43

@Totta: Sure, "Tools" would be another good category for this.
BTW: If you have a finished version, I would be happy to test ArkosOptimize.

بواسطة defdanny

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27-09-2021, 11:49

@AnsiStar: Have a look into the "Trackers" category of the download DB, you should find some there.
Download DB Trackers

To name just two very popular MSX-based music trackers:
FAC Soundtracker (1, 2, Pro) and Moonblaster...

بواسطة Grauw

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27-09-2021, 15:54

@AnsiStar There are many. E.g. TriloTracker for SCC, PSG and MSX-MUSIC, MoonBlaster 1.4 for MSX-MUSIC and MSX-AUDIO, and MoonBlaster Wave and FM for MoonSound.

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