MSXdev21 #23 - Monster On The Run

MSXdev21 #23 - Monster On The Run

بواسطة MSXdev Team بتاريخ 16-08-2021, 10:49
المناقشة: Challenges
وسوم: msxdev21, MSXdev

MSXdev21 entry number #23 is another game that forces us to use our mind, while at the same time, trying to not lose our mind. A game by Paolo 'Neurox66' Borzini.

Guide the monster through the brain-breaking puzzles, but be careful, as each level gives you only so much moves to execute.

Contestants have until the end of August to submit their entries. If you are enjoying this MSXdev game, why not consider donating to the prize money. 100% of the donations will go to the game developers.

The MSXdev21 contest runs from January 1st to September 1st, 2021.

Relevant link: Monster on the run
Relevant link: Play online

التعليقات (6)

بواسطة Grauw

Ascended (10639)

صورة Grauw

17-08-2021, 13:56

Nice movement puzzles, I like it!

بواسطة Timmy

Master (194)

صورة Timmy

17-08-2021, 14:31

Interesting, my total score was 310.

بواسطة gdx

Enlighted (5848)

صورة gdx

18-08-2021, 12:08

Good game but clear too quickly. I didn't pay attention to the points.

بواسطة Uninteresting

Champion (339)

صورة Uninteresting

19-08-2021, 21:48

My final score was 300.

بواسطة albs_br

Champion (456)

صورة albs_br

20-08-2021, 05:07

Interesting game, I played a bit, get to level 4.
Pretty cool.

بواسطة Amaury Carvalho

Resident (36)

صورة Amaury Carvalho

04-09-2021, 00:32

Another great game added to the MSX scene thats was written in MSX Basic and compiled with MSXBAS2ROM !

Thanks for this new puzzle, Paolo!