Salamander extra weapons video: see Arming Ball in action!

بواسطة karloch

Prophet (2157)

صورة karloch

13-06-2021, 05:54

For many years I have been really curious at the Salamander extra weapons in union mode, so I decided it was about time to give a good try to see them by cheating a bit with BlueMSX trainer and cheat finder. Apart from the invincibility, I was able to find that at address E631 was located the timer that sets how much are you able to keep using a special item... or union mode. I forced the value there so it never reached 0 hence, being able to remain in union mode until I was hit.

After I figured out that Twin Laser and Triple Laser where in Normal weapon slot and Arming Ball on Ripple, it was fairly easy to reach them with the permanent union mode. Another thing that was fun to see is how bosses are really confused with union mode, they don't know what do to.

I have been gladly surprised with Arming Ball, the weapon rocks! It takes the place of the missiles, so can combine it with any other main weapon (normal, ripple, laser, etc...), it has more destructive power than missiles, you can direct it in eight directions and it bounces in the walls. It's pitiful we are not able to enjoy it playing the game as it is.

Here you have the screen recordings, first one is for Twin and Triple Laser:

And here the only with Arming Ball, even finishing the game with it.

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بواسطة Randam

Paragon (1430)

صورة Randam

13-06-2021, 08:38

Very cool to finally see them for any prolonged period of time.

You say that we are not able to play it in the real thing. But isn't it now possible to make a patch for eternal join mode?

بواسطة karloch

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صورة karloch

13-06-2021, 14:22

Since that’s just modifying a value in a memory address the patch should be fairly simple. But I think that the cool one would be to allow the use of these extra weapons even in solo play mode, as the video shows in Operation X, maybe due to a bug Smile

بواسطة TheKid

Paragon (1238)

صورة TheKid

13-06-2021, 19:29

Or. Patch which allows you to always play as union mode Smile

بواسطة Sandy Brand

Champion (276)

صورة Sandy Brand

13-06-2021, 20:59

Omg, thank you so much for digging into this and finally revealing this mystery! Smile

Me and my friend always wondered what these weapons were like as we were never able to enable them during a 2 player game when we played Salamander back in the day.

According to [url=]Gradius Wiki - Salamander (MSX)]Gradius Wiki - Salamander (MSX)[/url], the 'docking' mode is something that was only added to the MSX version; none of the others have this. So it is quite baffling that the developers also put these additional weapons in there, but made them practically unobtainable during normal play.

Maybe some mistakes were made during last minute game-play tweaks?

بواسطة karloch

Prophet (2157)

صورة karloch

13-06-2021, 22:55

My guess is that they ran out of “development cycles” and had to release the game OR… the development team only had one person for testing, making difficult to QA the Dualplay mode. The weapons are there and they work (heck, Arming Ball even has his own firing sound), but they are really impractical due to the time limit on union mode, the big amount of E capsules to get the weapons and the weird placement in the power up system.

Under normal conditions you code the feature, test it, notice these issues regarding playability and refine the code (for instance, extended time limit for union mode). It looks like it was not the case here.

On the bright side, this bring us new discovering about Salamander obscure features, that it is quite impressive when you think it is year 2021.

بواسطة karloch

Prophet (2157)

صورة karloch

24-06-2021, 23:01

Manuel Pazos has done some magic: Salamander extra weapons 1 player mode, IPS patch included (it is just a proof of concepts of what is possible).