Maze Of Galious - Gravestones

بواسطة kaladron

Resident (53)

صورة kaladron

15-05-2021, 17:36

I'm playing Maze Of Galious for the first time and loving it, but I'm a bit confused by the gravestone in world 1.

I have the magnifying glass and when I use it on the gravestone I get a nice big screen showing the glass looking at the stone, but then nothing happens. It doesn't show the password and all I can do is press the second fire button to leave the screen.

Am I doing something wrong?

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بواسطة kaladron

Resident (53)

صورة kaladron

15-05-2021, 17:41

Oh, hang on. Do I have to look at several/all the gravestones for something to happen?

بواسطة Randam

Paragon (1431)

صورة Randam

15-05-2021, 17:48

It might very well do...

Kaladron: do you by any chance stream. This game is amazing to watch and play if you have never played it and play it blindly

بواسطة Louthrax

Prophet (2435)

صورة Louthrax

15-05-2021, 18:27

Extra non-spoiling tip: be careful, passwords are "QWERTY"-keyboard based (you might need to adapt some letters if you're using another kind of keyboard).

بواسطة konamiman

Paragon (1176)

صورة konamiman

15-05-2021, 18:31

There are several gravestones in each world, but only one of them has the password, so you need to find which one (you don't need to look at all of them, just the correct one).

بواسطة ro

Scribe (4819)

صورة ro

15-05-2021, 21:24

One of the stones bares the name of the world boss. When you are in the boss room, just type in the name to draw the boss out and fight him.

بواسطة kaladron

Resident (53)

صورة kaladron

23-05-2021, 20:06

Thanks for the tips, all.

Randam: I don't stream but I do have a blog where I often write about the MSX games I'm playing, including this one. Have a look here: