Street Fighter 2 - MSX - Who plays this game ?

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بواسطة norakomi

Paragon (1154)

صورة norakomi

19-03-2021, 19:24

Hi all.

In 2011 I started a post about creating a port of Street Fighter 2:
GhostwriterP wrote a super cool tool and a piece of asm code using Vram and Out instructions simultaneously to put 2 characters in screen, and I started building from there.
I worked several months on it, and got to this point:
Downloadable Rom:
The work was tedious and repetetive and I lost patience and gave up at this point.
I left it in the fridge for several years, until someone who I showed this to told me they wanted to release it.
I'm happy they did. And that was pointless fighting, 2014.

It got released with only 6 heroes instead of 21 (which was probably a bit too ambitious).

Now, 10 years after I coded this port, I'm still thinking how cool it would be to finish it the way I intended.
With 21 characters....

But.............. and this is actually why I posted this post:

How many people are actually playing this game ?

The big issue I have with this game is the fact that for 2 player mode you need:
* the game flashed on a 2MB cartridge
* fmpac
* moonsound
* two 4 button joysticks (or 1 joystick, and the other on keyboard)

This makes this game almost unplayable to me....

Who actually has the possibility to play the game in 2 player mode ?

Is it worth finishing this game ? (With 21 characters... or less)

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بواسطة Daemos

Prophet (2248)

صورة Daemos

19-03-2021, 19:49

Id say finish it and write msx history once more!

بواسطة tfh

Prophet (3490)

صورة tfh

19-03-2021, 19:51

Hi Norakomi,
I've never seen your version of Streetfighter II, so I've never played it.
As for Pointless Fighting: The version on my website has been played 312 times in 2020.

بواسطة AxelStone

Prophet (3209)

صورة AxelStone

19-03-2021, 20:07

For me it's one of the most impresive games ever made for MSX. I've 2 4 buttons pad, since I've 2 JoyMegas Wink . 21 characters is too much, what about 12? (double than current number).

Thanks for such big game!

بواسطة valkyre

Paladin (724)

صورة valkyre

19-03-2021, 20:48

I still play pointless fighting, I would love to see a more complete version.

بواسطة erpirao

Paragon (1339)

صورة erpirao

19-03-2021, 21:02

i agree with axelstone, msx2's sf2 is a blast.
and I also agree that with 12 characters they are more than enough, the 8 main ones and the 4 bosses.
a question, would it be feasible that in msx2 + and turboR the game had scroll? like the a500 or atariST versions, for example?
Another idea is that if there is opl4, the music sounds through opl4, and we don't have to have fm + opl4.
msx-audio would be a great option (FM + adpcm)
[url=street fighter 2 amstrad cpc][/url]

بواسطة Randam

Paragon (1431)

صورة Randam

19-03-2021, 20:58

Yes please if you can release more fighters. It is an awesome game. It is already awesome with the work people have put in. But with more characters there is more fun. SF2 is one of the all time greats. The current one is already a marvel. A full msx version would be awesome.

بواسطة Pac

Scribe (7176)

صورة Pac

19-03-2021, 21:05

norakomi wrote:

Is it worth finishing this game ? (With 21 characters... or less)

Pointless Fighting was an incredible and unexpected achievement, thank for showing us what the MSX can do, but in my opinion there are some things and details that need to be polished to make it even better! Try to focus on improving the overall quality instead adding more and more players. For me what Street Fighter II offers is more than enough.

بواسطة KdL

Paragon (1488)

صورة KdL

19-03-2021, 21:37

I played this game a lot and when I showed it to a friend who had the Amiga, he sincerely complimented me on your work on MSX because it is truly faithful in gameplay. So I am very much in favor of its completion and thank you for opening this thread. Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

بواسطة salutte

Master (170)

صورة salutte

19-03-2021, 21:44

I just want to chime in to say that your version of SF2 is absolutely NUTS! graphics are awesome, and playability is excellent! Thanks for giving us such a joy of a game! I'd be trilled if you can add a few more characters.

بواسطة Ivan

Ascended (9374)

صورة Ivan

19-03-2021, 23:03

Hi Norakomi, it is an awesome game and for me it is worth finishing it! I am not going to use the 2 player mode, though. I would prefer to see the game completed with the 21 characters and/or to improve further the overall quality. Look how many views it has on YouTube!: 1, 2

And don't worry if the system requirements go up. We are no longer teenagers with empty pockets plus there are emulators for those who don't own the real hardware with the needed/recommended expansions. Go for it!

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