The MSXALL Tribute Online Radio

The MSXALL Tribute Online Radio

بواسطة MSX-ALL بتاريخ 01-02-2021, 03:41
المناقشة: Media
وسوم: broadcast, radio, stream

MSXAll presents a brand new MSX radio station!
The radio is yet in beta and surely needs a lot of cleanup and organizing. The radio programming plays 24/7 only MSX related game music (and more).

Use the playlist to play the radio directly on programs that support it, such as VLC Player (no need to keep the radio open on a browser window).

A very basic schedule can be found on this PDF document (subject to change as we gain more listeners and hear more ideas from everyone)

Tips, ideas, and comments are welcome.

Please, share! Thank you!

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بواسطة [D-Tail]

Ascended (8263)

صورة [D-Tail]

03-02-2021, 07:16

Great initiative! Smile

Please also reserve a timeslot for MicroCabin soundtracks! Hannibal

[edit]and BTW, which timezone applies for the playlist?[/edit]

بواسطة Wierzbowsky

Guardian (3596)

صورة Wierzbowsky

03-02-2021, 18:09

Nice! Would be great if the radio could also play MSX music arranged by Parn and other great musicians of the scene. And not only PSG music, but SCC, FMPAC and even OPL4 tracks.

Also, would be great to change the broadcasting format to something similar to SlayRadio, with periodic funny short audio announcements in-between the MSX music tracks.

Proper pauses between the tracks would be nice. Now one track starts while the other is still playing with a fade out.

بواسطة SkalTura

Champion (401)

صورة SkalTura

03-02-2021, 13:58

Add is as a suggestion to "Skytune radio", then i can listen to it on my livingroom audio set... ;-)

بواسطة jepmsx

Master (253)

صورة jepmsx

24-11-2021, 16:18

I've been listening to it for months, but now, the web interface does not load, there is a Slim Application Error message. But the playlist using vlc still plays without problem. But I'd rather like to listen to the web interface because I could read the title of the songs. These titles do not appear in the VLC playlist.
I've written this message to notify that the web page is not working, it's been down for several days.

بواسطة jepmsx

Master (253)

صورة jepmsx

25-11-2021, 06:08

The web interface is back. Thank you Smile