Best way to create a noise free wave file from a cassette tape

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بواسطة OeiOeiVogeltje

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صورة OeiOeiVogeltje

10-01-2021, 01:43

i have been trying to het some Level 9 games dumped (The Archers and Ingrid's back for instance)
i have a few MSX data recorders and a Linux PC with Audacity installed...

the wav's recorded are noisy... they mostly run on openMSX and on TFH website but i want the wav's to be cleaner
i have tested Philips D6625 and D6450,Alpha-tek,Whismithand a Sanyo DR201 so far with fair results
i want them better though
the cable i use has a Ferritecore at both ends

1. What brand recorder gives the "best" signal?
2. What audio program should i use on my Linux PC?

any other tips?

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بواسطة Pencioner

Scribe (1513)

صورة Pencioner

10-01-2021, 02:06

Older tapes will have some native noise which is a result of some oxidation and demagnetization over the time. Same issue as with restoring old musical tapes. No matter how quality your equipment is - you get some tape deterioration. So you can't get rid of noise completely with equipment unfortunately... maybe you can try to use some audio-oriented noise removal software (ask on audiophiles' forums) but i have no idea how would those treat specific signal of sound-encoded data - might be that it becomes unloadable after that (even if less noisy)

بواسطة CASDuino

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10-01-2021, 03:52

Send me an email with a link to the wavs and I will try to get them converted to CAS or TSX for you. that will give a much clearer signal.

بواسطة mcolom

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صورة mcolom

10-01-2021, 08:08

If the tape works, normally applying a low-pass and a high-pass filter, and saturating the signal should do the job very well. You can use Audacity on Linux for that.

بواسطة Daemos

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10-01-2021, 09:33

Audacity also has noise removal function in which you can select a part of background reference and substract it from the real signal. The more background noise you can record the better the result. No guarantees that the tapes will work after doing this but its always trial and error with those things. Basically run the tape and record but when the tape is finished make sure to record as much of the noise at the start or end and do this in one run. Noise from another or empty tape will not work.

بواسطة OeiOeiVogeltje

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صورة OeiOeiVogeltje

10-01-2021, 14:47

conversion is not the problem

recording is

بواسطة Olaf.Friedrich

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صورة Olaf.Friedrich

11-01-2021, 19:14

I am not the Software guy.
But is it not possible to read the tape with the MSX and store it, maybee on Disk?
And after that let the MSX record a new tape, or directly to a PC Soundcard to create a new near noise free recording.
I'm only guessing.

بواسطة tfh

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صورة tfh

11-01-2021, 19:51

Please indeed send them to CASduine do he can convert them to .CAS & .TSX. And hopefully he will send those converted files to me afterwards. Smile

بواسطة CASDuino

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11-01-2021, 20:19

OeiOeiVogeltje wrote:

conversion is not the problem

recording is

Have you tried cleaning the Tape recorder heads? Adjusting the azimuth? What volume level are you trying?

بواسطة imulilla

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صورة imulilla

19-02-2021, 00:05

My recommendation is that you clean the heads, adjust the azimuth and make at least 6 or 7 full reproductions of the tape, the volume should not exceed 0.5. From what I understand wavs work in openmsx so they should be correct. I would ask you to share the files to try to get a valid TSX

بواسطة sdsnatcher73

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صورة sdsnatcher73

19-02-2021, 06:54

I use a brand new NMS1515 (well unused up to a year ago) and I get mostly good results (some tapes just have not survived the test of time), I use a Windows 10 machine a €1 3.5mm to mono jack, run that through a mixer connected to my amplifier and use the tape out on the amp to go to the PC line input. I adjust the input/recording volume using the mixer to be at 50-70%. Conversion to TSX works fine that way. I’ve submitted them for adding to MSX TSX archive but I think Natalia is very busy. @casduino, how do I contact you? I don’t see you e-mail on your profile page.

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