Apple 2 MSX card

بواسطة mtn

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23-05-2020, 21:47

What is this? Never heard of.

It made for some interesting googling tonight Smile

بواسطة Nprod

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23-05-2020, 22:37

Aw man, i was hoping it was a cartridge that lets you run Apple][ software on an MSX Shocked!

بواسطة sdsnatcher73

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24-05-2020, 13:31

Everybody wants MSX, if they have no MSX: create a board to play MSX!!!

Here some video of the MSX1 on an Apple][ board:

بواسطة Edevaldo

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20-08-2020, 04:05

بواسطة rjp

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22-08-2020, 01:41

It's an upgrade board for Apple II!