openMSX TSX Advanced

بواسطة DrWh0 بتاريخ 04-04-2020, 13:20 translated by Pac
المناقشة: Emulation
وسوم: openMSX

User imulilla released his unofficial fork for openMSX: "openMSX TSX Advanced" here:

The main features are:

  • Updated version to commit c8cb602.
  • TSX files support.
  • IPS patches support integrated in .TSX files (shown in the debug window).
  • "cassetteplayer listsections" command to display and handle .TSX blocks.
  • 64-bit binaries for Linux/Windows and 32-bit only for Windows.

You can find the Spanish language translation patch coded by DrWh0 on the same website.

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بواسطة Tolvatar

Paragon (1043)

صورة Tolvatar

04-04-2020, 20:18

Nice. Now i could use tsx files.
Long wait.
Hope official releases add these improvements soon

بواسطة imulilla

Rookie (30)

صورة imulilla

04-04-2020, 20:27

It also manages .CAS blocks
using the command "cassetteplayer section #" will place the tape in the block with the chosen number.

بواسطة jltursan

Prophet (2619)

صورة jltursan

05-04-2020, 11:38

Really nice work, thanks!!

بواسطة spl

Paragon (1470)

صورة spl

07-04-2020, 17:15

Very nice work! Big smile

بواسطة imulilla

Rookie (30)

صورة imulilla

09-09-2020, 23:17

I have updated my fork with TSX based on NataliaPC's to version 16, for now only windows

can be downloaded from

Apart from TSX support, it has been added to be able to choose the block to load from the tape. In the case of
The .CAS you can choose any block, and in the case of .TSX you can choose the blocks
preceded by a "Group start" block (ID21).

To show the list of blocks, use the command "cassetteplayer listsections" and to choose
the "cassetteplayer section" block plus the block number (eg: "cassetteplayer section 2").

It also includes support for IPS patches within a "Custom Information Block" (ID35) block.
which will be applied to the next block, for now it cannot be deactivated

بواسطة Pablibiris

Paragon (1834)

صورة Pablibiris

10-09-2020, 02:08

Great work, Imulilla!
Thanks for your work Smile

بواسطة Bodhi1969

Expert (96)

صورة Bodhi1969

10-09-2020, 08:34

Thank you! Smile