Philips D6450 schematics

بواسطة Argon

Paragon (1126)

صورة Argon

20-04-2019, 16:06

Hey guys.
I have a D6450 datarecorder with a burnt resistor, but I can't find the schematics anywhere...
Do they exist?


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بواسطة Wlcracks

Hero (572)

صورة Wlcracks

20-04-2019, 16:45

Maybe post a picture of the component, some can verify it. I just sold mine.

بواسطة Argon

Paragon (1126)

صورة Argon

22-04-2019, 09:57

I have multiple D6450, so I just opened another and checked what value I needed Smile

Someone must have put the wrong voltage on the defective one, the diode and resistor immediately connected to the power connector were burnt. I replaced those two components (1N4001 and 10 ohm). Also the conductive track from the power connector to the diode was broken (burnt).

After replacing the 2 components and bridging the broken track the datarecorder works fine again :-)


بواسطة Wierzbowsky

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22-04-2019, 12:22

Congratz! One more MSX device brought back from the dead.

بواسطة andresog

Supporter (13)

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31-10-2019, 21:18

Maybe the 10ohms resistor was burnt out after reversing the polarity at the power input?
I also burnt out a resistor, it seems to be 1??? (Only brown line is visible now)

Thank you!