"Snake it"? Why is it so expensive?

بواسطة pmack

Master (130)

صورة pmack

11-12-2018, 19:46

This is an ongoing auction in Yahoo Japan. Do you guys have any info on this game? Why is it going for so much money?

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بواسطة Grauw

Ascended (10565)

صورة Grauw

11-12-2018, 20:30

No clue, I have that version too (albeit without box), I paid $40 for it on eBay a few years back.

Which I already thought was quite steep but I have fond childhood memories of it. It’s a fun game.

بواسطة Lazzeri

Champion (272)

صورة Lazzeri

11-12-2018, 20:38

Japanese releases of Oriental games are quite rare. I guess japanese don´t really care for "foreign" games back then.

I saw a copy of Alien 8 (Ultimate play the game) selling for 200 dollars on Yahoo Auctions. The UK, cassette version is pretty expensive but 200 dollars is something else.