Computer sale in New Jersey

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13-05-2018, 11:23

Pretty rare happening with also some Sony & Yamaha MSX machines, set of games as well as Spectravideo 3x8 stuff... Overall lots of stuff that is pretty hard to come by in USA.

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بواسطة mtn

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13-05-2018, 12:07

damn. thats a impressive amount of stuff.

بواسطة Grauw

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صورة Grauw

13-05-2018, 17:02

I see MegaFlashROM SCC+ SD, Kai Collection and Muffie’s Tutankham Smile. Didn’t spot any big classic titles though.

Also I like this list from the description Smile:


Sony: HB-75P / HB-F1XD / PlayStation 2 (PS2)/ PlayStation 3 (PS3)/ PlayStation Portable (PSP)/ PlayStation TV

Bit of a mess though! Wonder what the story behind the sale is.

بواسطة ToriHino

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13-05-2018, 17:10

Here some more goodies, this time from Korea:

Part 1
Part 2

بواسطة Manuel

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صورة Manuel

14-05-2018, 00:02

Any ideas about prices?

بواسطة o.geerdink

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صورة o.geerdink

14-05-2018, 11:01

Shipment will be a container full and a lot of tax Big smile are you serious Manuel Big smile Big smile if so if you find a ti 99/4a diskdrive please let me know

بواسطة Wierzbowsky

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14-05-2018, 17:36

My own computer collection is nothing compared to what this guy has. Normally a dedicated collector like that one can part with his collection only in 2 cases: if he is getting married or... he has died.

I could use a few nice pieces from that collection, namely CX5M2, SVI-328 and Apple II. Smile

بواسطة Grauw

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14-05-2018, 19:25

Or financial trouble…

بواسطة Lazzeri

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15-05-2018, 00:59

The three APF Imagination Machine stacked on the very first pic alone made my head spin. Sad

Looking for a decent-looking and fair-priced one for a few years now. That´s why I can´t find it! Smile

Amazing collection. Just amazing.

بواسطة Stt1

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15-05-2018, 08:34

Wow, o.geerdink alive - good to know that you're still kicking :-)

Huge pile of stuff there... Takes some time to get that hauled away.

بواسطة cklayman

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16-05-2018, 13:53

I live about 1.5 hours away from the location of the sale. Currently thinking whether I would be able to go there or not (the sale is on Thursday at 3 pm! Why not the weekend?!) If I decide I can go I might consider buying items for other people on this forum although not sure how that would work. Still wanted to post this in case somebody really-really-really wants something and would help me make up my mind.

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