Did you buy the MSX2 English Golvellius from WOOMB?

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بواسطة Samor

Prophet (2163)

صورة Samor

10-11-2006, 10:20

hm, I personally love the Woomb initiative - it definately works for me, but then, I don't fall under the average MSX user, I guess. I got back into MSX because of emulation, even purchased original hardware again, but in the end I'm using emulation most of the time, and my real MSX is actually stacked away in a closet. Me buying the hardware again had a lot to do with emulation not being where it is now a few years ago - however, BlueMSX works so well that it makes the real MSX kinda obsolete for me. I also like MSXPLAYer a lot (it's my favourite right after Blue), and even got the MSX Gamereader, which is exactly something for someone like me - I'm using it a lot, it's great to put your original carts into an USB device to read them on your PC in an emulator. It's exactly the other way round of how many people feel: I like to use the original media on new hardware, whereas many prefer exactly the reverse, I guess (then again, there's quite a lot of interest for the OCM). I also think MSX emulation works excellent on a modern PC, because both are computer systems in origin (and not a console). What's very important for me is that the emulator captures the feel of the original hardware as well as possible. Both BlueMSX and MSXPLAYer do an excellent job (and OpenMSX if you use Linux - the Windows port needs a bit of polishing, IMO).
Allthough I know MSX best from the great games of the past (yup, I guess I'm one of those more nostalgic guys), I also like the efforts of current devs like Karoshi and Infinite Smile

بواسطة Ivan

Ascended (9331)

صورة Ivan

10-11-2006, 10:20


بواسطة EdOscuro

Rookie (20)

صورة EdOscuro

10-11-2006, 10:45

I'm almost tempted to buy Undead Line to see if it runs better than the original version...almost. I love my money a bit too much though, so this important test will have to go unchecked...for now Tongue

بواسطة pitpan

Prophet (3153)

صورة pitpan

10-11-2006, 11:13

I'd love to see other japanese MSX1 ROMs published in Woomb. Specially those with lots of japanese text - then I'll be able to play them again (and understand most of it!) Wink

Would it be possible to have a peek at the list of future releases? For example, I'd love to see published in English all of the Dragon Slayer series, the Hydlides (Hydlide 1 MSX1 version too) and others. In a word: be able to play all the japanese RPGs in which language *WAS* a barrier.

I'm starting to understand the concept from a different point of view... Perhaps one they it would be even possible to publish my own games in Woomb!

بواسطة wolf_

Ambassador_ (10035)

صورة wolf_

10-11-2006, 12:06

At last, "the nickle falls"... Tongue

بواسطة dvik

Prophet (2200)

صورة dvik

10-11-2006, 17:43

Well, I really like the Woomb initiative but still don't concider the games to be MSX releases. It seems like wolf_ seems to think that just because some people doesn't consider them to be MSX releases they think its bad. As Samor I also got back to MSX because of emulation (or rather lack of emulation) and only use real hw for testing. I never use real hw to play games or demos. blueMSX and MSXPLAYer are really a lot more comfortable than real hw to me. But that doesn't change my opinion about Woomb not selling MSX releases. Anyways, as I said before, its great to see Woomb here at last and I'm looking forward to see more titles.

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