Mandragore - can't get running...

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20-02-2017, 16:18

wyrdwad wrote:

Wanted to pop my head in and note that despite never having this occur with any cassette game prior to Mandragore, I recently won five auctions for MSX cassette games, and two of them did *exactly* the same thing as Mandragore -- I can't get either game running, as both immediately go to a black screen, then when they hit 15 on my tape counter, the tape stops and my MSX freezes, which is exactly what happened with Mandragore (right down to showing 15 on the tape counter!).

The two games in question are Alien Syndrome and Soldier of Light.

I checked to make sure the problem wasn't my tape drive, but it seems like every cassette game I was able to play before (which is most of them), I'm still able to play now, without exception -- none of them are causing me any problems save for the small handful that always did (games like Cluedo and Boardello, which I've never been able to get running, but which fail in very different ways than Mandragore, Alien Syndrome, and Soldier of Light).

I'm bringing this up in this topic in case there's some similarity in the way Alien Syndrome, Soldier of Light, and Mandragore are coded that might explain why all three freeze my FSA1-WX in exactly the same way each time I attempt to load them, as identifying the exact cause of the problem may be the best way to fix it.

I haven't had a chance to rip any of these games yet, as I still haven't gotten ahold of a decent audio cable, but I'll attempt to do so at some point soon and let you guys know.

Thanks for any help you can provide!


I tried both Soldier of Light and Alien Syndrome (both Spanish Dro Soft tape releases) from tosec on a Toshiba HX-10 and they worked fine, but refused to work on a A1WSX in openMSX hanging with a black screen. I also tried with poke -1,0 and it made no difference.

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