Games that the MSX should have:

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بواسطة Gilneas2

Master (235)

صورة Gilneas2

04-05-2006, 07:41

Card based RPG? That sounds interesting, could you name a title, please?

بواسطة cesco

Champion (453)

صورة cesco

04-05-2006, 13:23

Definitely a good space trader / sim like Elite

بواسطة snout

Ascended (15187)

صورة snout

04-05-2006, 14:05

MSX should have Dragon's Lair !

Hmm... Wait a moment...


بواسطة LeandroCorreia

Paladin (955)

صورة LeandroCorreia

04-05-2006, 15:32

Dragon´s Lair? Unimpressed. Too much graphics and absolutelly no gameplay. Perhaps a game like Megarace, only with decent controls and stages lasting more than 30 seconds would be better. Smile

بواسطة Randam

Paragon (1430)

صورة Randam

04-05-2006, 15:53

Most of these card based RPGs I haven't played. One struck my interest but its name eludes me atm. Wait I believe it's Baten Kaitos.
Back in the day I also was into Magic: The Gathering. There was a PC game with the same name which was halfway decent but almost no RPG elements.

I'll give some examples of the system. I'm not saying the games in general are good or bad Tongue

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Lost Kingdoms

What I like about this kind of system is that you bring an element of strategy into RPGs. Most RPGs lack this element.


Enlighted (5918)


04-05-2006, 17:09

Well... Original Dragon's Lair was actually THE game, that was first to impress people with game graphics. It was not first LD game, but it was first, that really hit the market. Later it was converted to many platforms, but somehow newer for MSX.

I agree, that gameplay sucks a big time, but I think, it was newer the thing, that made people to play that game. To be honest, I've been thinking, that it would be actually much more nice to convert Konami BadLands (originally MSX1 game) to MSX2 with LightGun and accurate hit detection. That game has even originally very much better gameplay although it is even more simple than Dragon's Lair. As we all know Konami has always made best MSX games and that goes also with LD games. Smile

بواسطة LeandroCorreia

Paladin (955)

صورة LeandroCorreia

04-05-2006, 18:16

Nyyrikki, I´d like to see that. I can hardly remember any FMV games with good gameplay...

1) Megarace 2 (PC)
2) Iridion 2 (Game Boy Advance)
3) Cyclemania - That would give a wonderful FMV game for the MSX.
4) Penguin Adventure (MSX) - It´s FMV, sort of... Smile

By the way, does BlueMSX allow HD emulation? I´d like to see the demo anyway...

بواسطة mars2000you

Enlighted (6229)

صورة mars2000you

04-05-2006, 18:23

Next version of blueMSX (2.5) will come with HD emulation.

بواسطة ro

Scribe (4698)

صورة ro

04-05-2006, 19:50

kewl... Smile

بواسطة mars2000you

Enlighted (6229)

صورة mars2000you

04-05-2006, 20:04

See screenshots on the news page Smile

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