MSX2 endings update

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The MSX 2 endings section of VG Museum has been updated 43 new endings. Included in it are the translated endings for Firehawk (Thexder 2), Feedback, Super Cooks (Golvellius spinoff), Valis 2, all Sorcerian scenarios, XZR 1 & 2, all three Randar & Rune Master endings and many more.

Relevant link: VG Museum MSX 2 endings

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Awesome site

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Feel free to also embed some of my videos showing the endings of:
Malaya no Hihou (Django Translation) (though I see you already have that one listed with screenshots; oddly enough the index listing notes it as Jpn, even though the screenshots show a translated version.)
Anma's Troxx
RELEVO Videogames' Invasion of the Zombie Monsters (though that one is MSX1).
MGF's The Great Giana Sisters
Quadrivium's Zone Terra: last level & ending (but that was turboR only I think?)

and for the MSX there is also the disappointing ending of M.A.S.K. III: Venom Strikes Back: