Konami collection for sale

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بواسطة testaltest

Rookie (28)

صورة testaltest

05-08-2016, 13:04

Abi.. I forgot to say that give me more further info such as paypal, shipment etc to my email.. This is my email address testaltest01(at)gmail.com.

بواسطة frederic.markus

Expert (82)

صورة frederic.markus

05-08-2016, 15:23

And you can contact me at fredmarkus@gmail.com for the same :)


بواسطة barroidh

Master (166)

صورة barroidh

05-08-2016, 18:14


Interested in Metal Gear 2, if still available.

بواسطة giangiacomo.zaffini

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صورة giangiacomo.zaffini

05-08-2016, 22:18

So for Snatcher (it was 150 euros back then), if available these days (interested in SCC+ music cartridge) please contact me



بواسطة Abi

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صورة Abi

06-08-2016, 21:29

Guys, maybe i was not clear. Some of the games has been sold in 2013 when this topic was hot.The rest i have left I will not sale at the moment.

بواسطة testaltest

Rookie (28)

صورة testaltest

06-08-2016, 22:10

You really were not clear in your last reply to us. I thought you had typo. However, it is ok if you don't want to sell your rest of MSX games as long as that your desire. thanks anyways.

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