MSXdev'13 #1: Gommy Medieval Defender

MSXdev'13 #1: Gommy Medieval Defender

بواسطة wolf_ بتاريخ 01-06-2013, 18:21
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Oh, how hilarious it would be to live in medieval times. Your castle would be under attack by meanies and you actually get to throw boulders onto their skulls without receiving letters from human rights organisations! Gommy medieval defender gives us the same experience without having to make excuses for all the expected brain damage. It's a brand new entry for MSXdev'13 made by Dimension Z, published by Retroworks.

So, indeed your castle is under attack by all sorts of enemies, and rather than hot oil or tar you get to throw boulders onto them. Hit one and gone he is, miss one and you'll have to pick up a new boulder and try again. Naturally, picking up boulders takes time, walking to the right position takes time, and enemies keep coming everywhere. To make things worse, there are some obstacles for both the enemies and your boulders, limiting your opportunities to hit the enemy. And that, in a nutshell, is the challenge of this game.

It looks, sounds and plays as if the game would've been a sales hit in the 80's, even if it's 'only' a 16KB ROM. Anno today it's a free download, with label and manual, so what are you waiting for?

Relevant link: Gommy medieval defender

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بواسطة Vampier

Prophet (2409)

صورة Vampier

01-06-2013, 20:47

great game Smile

Helping to spread the word:

بواسطة SkyeWelse

Champion (471)

صورة SkyeWelse

01-06-2013, 21:32

I love everything about this game! The gameplay is great, music rocks and very fun to play. Challenging too in some of the later levels... I made it to the Big Boss of Level 24, but alas I made too many mistakes.

Great job guys!


بواسطة riquet

Master (200)

صورة riquet

02-06-2013, 23:04

Very good, I'm addict Big smile
It would be better with a reminder of best score/level. Sorry, I'm very demanding LOL!

بواسطة Maggoo

Paragon (1217)

صورة Maggoo

08-06-2013, 02:24

Finally got a chance to try the game. I really like it and the attention to details is actually very nice, even more so if you consider the game fits in 16Kb!

Well done Big smile

بواسطة ZilogZ80

Supporter (7)

صورة ZilogZ80

09-06-2013, 00:26

It was a great effort I've had to make to get this game in 16Kb.
Since it has some eye-catching graphics. a very complete musics and effects. 40 Levels with great detail. A very complete logic and behavior.
In addition to adding a second mini-game you are the boss levels.

I am happy to read your comments.

Sorry for my bad English.

بواسطة JohnHassink

Ambassador (5665)

صورة JohnHassink

10-06-2013, 02:00

Thanks for this game, guys! Smile

بواسطة nenefranz

Resident (43)

صورة nenefranz

10-06-2013, 23:08

Thanks to all you!! Big smile Big smile Big smile
@Vampier: Thanks for spread the word!! Wink
@JohnHassink: I'm glad to know you enjoy the game. Smile It was a hard work to fit the game in 16KB. oO

بواسطة nenefranz

Resident (43)

صورة nenefranz

13-03-2014, 20:33

We are proud to announce that we are in the final phase of development of the "deluxe" version of Gommy. Cool The official presentation will take place during the next RetroMadrid2014 to be held between 26 and 27 April. There you will be able to get the physical version of the game, and other Retroworks games.

We have included all the features of the original game that the dev version didn't have by lack of space LOL! . It has improved graphically , and has tried to avoid visibility problems that some players experienced with old version. We added all missing graphics on the older version (title screen, interlude, etc.) WYZ improved the player and added new FX. He also improved the music to enjoy some details that were lost in the 16KB version.

We have taken into account the advice and criticism Smile . For example: in this version you can control the initial direction of the rock, and the reaction of the rock has been improved. The boss level was adjusted. Hannibal

We also included improvements in the game when it is played with another Retrowork game (as Konami made with their cartridges) Wink

We hope that this new version will be liked for all msx users. We have worked hard to make it a better game.

Sorry for raise up an old thread, but we only want to let you know the news. Tongue

بواسطة MäSäXi

Paragon (1884)

صورة MäSäXi

16-03-2014, 12:27

Thank you for raising up an old thread! Smile I am waiting the ending of RetroMadrid so I could order Gommy cartridge! Big smile

بواسطة nenefranz

Resident (43)

صورة nenefranz

23-04-2014, 15:05

Hi all,

As we announced last month, this weekend will be available the physical version of the game in RetroMadrid Big smile . And now you can download the ROM from the Retroworks' web: Wink

Medieval Defender Gommy Cartridge Edition

Hope you enjoy the game! :D :D B-)

Kind regards,

بواسطة hap

Paragon (2042)

صورة hap

23-04-2014, 21:28

Thanks for making the cartridge version freely available so quickly! Smile

بواسطة mtn

Champion (269)

صورة mtn

24-04-2014, 00:24

I really like this game! Cheers!

بواسطة fernandomanuel.garciagarcia

Master (195)

صورة fernandomanuel.garciagarcia

30-04-2014, 15:05

I just bought the cartridge version last weekend at RetroMadrid in Spain. The idea is really good and the details (graphics ,sound, gameplay, ... ) are really well worked.
Thanks for this very good game RetroWorks guys

بواسطة SkyeWelse

Champion (471)

صورة SkyeWelse

30-04-2014, 16:51

@Nenefranz - Is it possible to order a cart/box of Gommy (English version) after RetroMadrid as an international order to the U.S?

I've always really enjoyed this game and I'd like to see about ordering a real cart of of it someday. If I have the funds, I might spring for a cart/box of Teodoro (English) as well, even though I'm terrible at the game and die really quickly, I liked the concept of the game and I really liked the music.


بواسطة nenefranz

Resident (43)

صورة nenefranz

30-04-2014, 20:57

@fernandomanuel.garciagarcia Thanks! LOL!

@SkyeWelse: The Gommy cartridge is only in english. Tongue . There are still some units to purchase at the online store Retroworks:

There you can buy a Teodoro cartridge too. Although I don't know if this one is in english or spanish.

Kind regards,