9918Veejing 0.1b

بواسطة Huey بتاريخ 25-10-2010, 21:31
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aorante has released a ROM tool called 9918Veejing that allows you to create your own 8-bit flavored VeeJay sets on MSX. The tool shows a background layer with pseudo-random noise on which you can add a second layer with still graphics, scrolling text or even a simple animation. With the controls, you can add or remove layers, run a flash effect, switch between background effects or change color tone. You can see the tool in action right here on Vimeo, but of course it's much more interesting to tamper with it yourself!

Relevant link: VeeJaying on MSX (Spanish article)

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بواسطة spl

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26-10-2010, 11:44

That's impressive!! oO Big smile

بواسطة snout

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27-10-2010, 14:27

Yeah, this one definitely has its cool factor. So now we have C-Men and aorante. Any other MSX veejays out there?

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25-10-2017, 22:52

This post is not in relation to the original content, but there are lots of other interesting stuff at this guys blog.

Check it out!