OPL4 Shockwave

بواسطة rjp بتاريخ 20-06-2010, 11:58
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On the MSXRio' 2010 Fair in March, Ricardo Oazem of Tecnobytes released his soundboard: OPL4 Shockwave. The Shockwave is entirely compatible with the Moonsound, using OPL4 and 1Mb of Sample RAM. Oazem uses a DAC to improve sound quality. The soundboard costs about 160 Euro (shipment not included), and Oazem is thinking about shipment overseas as well.

Relevant link: MSXRio' 2010

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بواسطة Sander

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21-06-2010, 17:43

I welcome any new hardware developments. I wonder how this device sounds compared to a moonsound. Maybe, someone should up some mp3 so we can hear the improved sound quality?

بواسطة Retrofan

Paragon (1339)

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21-06-2010, 19:24

Nice, but expensive. Would be around 185 euro including shipping! So far, I'm very happy with my MoonSound with 1MB SRAM Cool

بواسطة msd

Paragon (1532)

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22-06-2010, 10:10

Are there some inside pictures somewhere?

بواسطة ant0niutti

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صورة ant0niutti

23-07-2010, 23:37

You can see inside picture here:

بواسطة Edwin

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صورة Edwin

24-07-2010, 12:42

Does this one "fix" the problem where the location of ROM also forces the first 384 tones to be rom tones?

بواسطة marushio.rima

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صورة marushio.rima

03-08-2013, 21:48

i have one , how can i make a test to know abou theses bug? thanks a lot