ZMA Player - New PSG player for MSX

بواسطة Ivan بتاريخ 24-06-2009, 13:20
المناقشة: Development

Source: Karoshi's MSX Forum

The Pets Mode has released a demo of ZMA Player, a new PSG player for MSX which features volume, frequency and noise envelopes for each sound channel. Each instrument can be defined with a great variety of sounds -which are treated individually- using only 12 bytes. The average cycle time is 17,000 cycles/5 frames. ZMA files can be created using an utility for Windows, developed by The Pets Mode too, which extracts the notes, volumes, patterns and pattern list from an XM file (FastTracker).

Relevant link: ZMA Player - Thread on Karoshi's MSX Forum

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بواسطة ro

Scribe (4707)

صورة ro

24-06-2009, 14:02

cool Smile PSG rules
(except that the forum ain't English... aaahrg)

بواسطة msd

Paragon (1472)

صورة msd

27-06-2009, 20:38

Is there an example somewhere?

بواسطة j4mk3

Rookie (32)

صورة j4mk3

30-06-2009, 16:32

بواسطة SLotman

Paragon (1240)

صورة SLotman

02-07-2009, 22:25

Cant wait to see the sources and (specially) the converter... it will help a lot people like me who struggles to make some music Wink

بواسطة MäSäXi

Paragon (1884)

صورة MäSäXi

05-07-2009, 13:50

great, but how i can play other songs than those which were bundled into zma player?

بواسطة NapalM

Master (234)

صورة NapalM

07-07-2009, 14:40

You must wait MäSäXi, the player isn't finish yet.
The player only will can play zma files, you will should make and convert XM files.

بواسطة MäSäXi

Paragon (1884)

صورة MäSäXi

07-07-2009, 20:56

I afraided that, that it was just demo version. Smile

There is something I don´t understand. News said XM file is FastTracker file, but I have couple Spectrum´s Fastracker tunes and their extension is .FTC. Or does MSX has different tracker which just has same name, FastTracker?

بواسطة SLotman

Paragon (1240)

صورة SLotman

07-07-2009, 21:33

FastTracker is a classic PC tracker, to make MODs and XMs. So in theory, one could even convert MODs (just re-save them as XM) to MSX Smile

بواسطة MäSäXi

Paragon (1884)

صورة MäSäXi

09-07-2009, 19:58

Oh, so it´s not really a PSG music tracker which runs on PC? But a tracker which is originally made for PC´s musical purposes and can be used for MSX purposes too?