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28-10-2011, 16:14

I am already doing this Metalion, but the problem are the coins, ? boxes and everything else which is dynamic in the game.

Look, the map is omni-directional. It's different from manbow where you scroll right, then after a precise place start diagonally or up. Manbow is a shooter on the rails, you can't control where are you going on the map. In this case of game you can set a list of events and when the map goes left or right you just adjust the pointer.

But mario isn't it. I have a list of events for a huge 2D map. The map has around 19k. Every time I read the map from rom and I find a coin I need to check the event list if it was already consumed or not. If it was, then draw a blank space on it, if not draw the coin.

So basically when I find a coin, I look in the event list (a loop from beginning). The next coin in the same row will be the next on to the last found.
But for the next row, I will need to loop from last position to skip the rest of the line. Did you get it ? I'm looping like a mad to get the correct event. I tried indexing the event list by row, but it adds complexity and cost to the loop.

And when mario jumps and hit his head I need to loop again through the event list to find the correct event and set/consume it appropriately. I'm caching the first event found in the map reading, but i still have to loop it. Also, using a event list means I'm limiting the number of coins, boxes, etc. The enemies spawnpoints are in the same list.

I could divide the map in rooms, but this also adds complexity to the code. I could have to check between four rooms when drawing a map if I am in the crossing borders of the rooms.

So copying the map from rom to ram i could flag set/consume the coin right on the map, avoiding looping like map. Understood ? No map are bigger than 20k. So that's my need for 32K of RAM.

بواسطة retrocanada76

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صورة retrocanada76

28-10-2011, 16:21

I can use quad-trees but hey it's an 8-bit processor. That's not cheap iterating trough, even a quad-tree will end up having a list at the last quad. Doing this is assembly is hard too.

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28-10-2011, 18:54

I don't understand all your limitations ...

But you would gain by splitting your map in rooms and indexing a limited number of events per room.
You would only need that list in RAM.

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28-10-2011, 19:25

but even though when I copy the map from rom to ram (then after i copy to vram in the vsync) for each tile i get from rom i need to compare to check if it's an event or not. If it's an event, i need to find it's room and then look for each event in that particular room.

Another problem: how to find the room.

The world11 map is 352x54 tiles (this is the original NES size). It takes 18.56Kb. If I round up to next power of two, that would be 512x54 = 27Kb. So I will be wasting around 10k just to make me easy to find the room. Unless I perform a division by 352 (which is expensive, 1 per 4 tiles in worst case when you get a room full of coins) or I work with 2 maps = 256 + 128. but this will make everything more complex, finding the correct map, subtracting the offsets, etc and I still need to find the event in the list.

So for me would be much more easier to have it in RAM. It's there why it looks wrong if I take it ?

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28-10-2011, 22:47

So for me would be much more easier to have it in RAM. It's there why it looks wrong if I take it ?

Hey, it's your hobby! There are no rights or wrongs. I was just curious, as it's an interesting project. Smile

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29-10-2011, 12:11

Keeping the map in RAM makes perfect sense to me (if you can afford it memory wise). I once tried building a generic RPG engine and had all map data in RAM, layered even, which made updating events/states etc that much easier. If you have enough 'space', I'd say go for it. The easiest (laziest) way is usually the best (and fastest) on these systems...

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30-10-2011, 21:33

2D event map: you could have another table next to the nametable. Then you can keep the nametable in ROM. The event map can go in 16x16 pixel granularity, 25% size of the nametable in RAM.

But how would one place tanks on a 8x8 position? Maybe with using 4 different event IDs for tanks.

But how to place 2 tanks in a 16x16 grid? High nibble of the byte could be ID, low nibble "additional info", 4 bits to set 4 tanks in a 16x16 grid.

I never found one clear answer, another one is:
The event map can point to a list where every entry can have multiple bytes to describe things. These bytes even could describe a pixel granularity position of the thing. So the map no more contains obj ID but obj number. A new limit, max 255 things in a level.

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