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بواسطة bsittler

Master (247)

صورة bsittler

08-05-2021, 00:22

I bought one in still-new condition from the original buyer and I like it a lot! I had missed the original ordering window completely without knowing these existed. In any case happy to be a California MSXVR club member Smile

I wonder, does anyone use the USB keyboard mode? If so, what software do you use it with and how well does it work?

Also, is there anywhere to purchase slot covers? Mine unfortunately didn't have them

Oh and did others sometimes see a behavior where the machine won't power down with the power switch nor button and requires the power cable to be unplugged, and then the machine settings reset afterward?

Edit: ah now I saw htdreams's excellent review and beautiful pictures. I see you had the same power switch experience as I. I may use your idea for elevating the machine/improving the airflow too, that's brilliant and mine does indeed run too warm for my comfort

بواسطة santiontanon

Paragon (1636)

صورة santiontanon

08-05-2021, 01:37

@bsittler, does MSXVR connect easily to a US TV/monitor? I am also US-based and I always struggle connect European machines to tvs/monitors

بواسطة bsittler

Master (247)

صورة bsittler

08-05-2021, 02:38

Yeah TV connection worked perfectly! It's really a Raspberry Pi when it comes to video output, no problems with composite output and HDMI worked well too once I set a resolution my monitor likes. I think it can do both 50 Hz and 60 Hz but I should verify that again

Oh and as other folks mentioned audio might be a little quiet but I just boosted that on the TV. If you want special cartridge audio (real rather than simulated) get it from the analogue output, since the HDMI one only includes the emulated audio and not actual cartridge audio from physical cartridges

بواسطة ivanovic

Rookie (31)

صورة ivanovic

26-05-2021, 12:52

You can get slot covers (a cover with two individual slot covers) 3D printed by a user in the community called Agus
I contacted him in telegram via @ArcherEG
He is based in Spain

Or… if you happen to visit Barcelona’s user meeting in future I could give you my original double slot red covers which I will no more use Smile

بواسطة bear77

Rookie (28)

صورة bear77

26-05-2021, 15:10

Hi all, received my VR a week ago. It is really a impressive build. I'm still struggling to get things to work. I have only one mayor issue.I know the machine software is still under construction, that's not it. What my problem is is the lack of English documentation of the machine. I want to learn but almost EVERYTHING is in Spanish. You can ask questions on Guilded and the people there are replying but i hate the fact i cannot read a word of all the other posts. That's my problem. But never the less, i'm happy with the machine. I trully hope they will solve the emulation lag in using real audio hardware and MSX emulation. And the emulated msx systems. The msx basic commands are not all well emulated when it comes to mathmatical functions. Some of the VDP instructions are also a problem when it comes to colors.

بواسطة Harold

Supporter (5)

صورة Harold

13-07-2021, 21:09

I received my VR today. First impression is good. Cartridges works. The megaflash rom didn't (not yet), but that doensn't matter now. I stil have to try cassette and disk. The original MSX Mouse (Philips) works too.

بواسطة djh1697

Paragon (1636)

صورة djh1697

13-07-2021, 22:16

Harold wrote:

The megaflash rom didn't (not yet), but that doensn't matter now.

The Carnivore2 did not work either for the I/O from the CF, nor did the ROM from the menu, most I tried crashed. It is a nice product, but an incomplete product in my view, that is why I sold it.

Hopefully, Alberto will complete the updates, the emulation is excellent, where it works, the included VR Basic appears to be an excellent implementation of MSX Basic, with plenty of free memory, I could copy files very easily using a USB memory stick. Quite happy with my Sony MSX2+

بواسطة journey

Hero (555)

صورة journey

14-07-2021, 08:12

Received mine yesterday! a LOT to try! Smile

بواسطة novice

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صورة novice

14-07-2021, 14:20

And I can join this club now as well! Yesterday my MSXVR was also delivered. I really like how sturdy the case feels and it gives me the feeling as if this is a real MSX! Until I powered it on and it booted into the graphical UI with Windows-ish look and feel... Big smile Just kidding. I'm really happy with my MSXVR.

بواسطة valkyre

Hero (608)

صورة valkyre

14-07-2021, 20:00

What number are we up to now?

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